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We offer recovery systems for every need.  Winches from 2,500-16,500 pounds, portable and fixed winch mounts to fit most any Jeep, 4 wheel drive or ATV. Check out our full line of recovery accessories including, tow straps, snatch blocks and clevis hooks.

Edmonton Winches & Bumpers

As expert truck outfitters, we know how important it is to have solid winches and bumpers—especially if you’re going on off-road, 4-wheel-drive adventures. Nothing gets you out of a tight spot better than a quality winch and bumper combo. Our selection of truck accessories in Edmonton offers recovery systems for every need. We have winches from 2,500 to 16,500 pounds, as well as portable and fixed-winch mounts to fit nearly every Jeep, four-wheel drive or ATV. Our recovery accessories include tow straps, snatch blocks, and clevis hooks. We carry a wide selection of winches and bumpers to choose from in Edmonton. For all of your winches and bumpers needs and off-road adventure preparations, contact our expert truck outfitters at Specialty Truck today!

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